30 days of unlimited 30-minute workouts, led by our expert trainers.

It’s you vs. the bag. Our high intensity workouts get your heart rate up, using the fundamentals of no contact kickboxing moves to build strength and stamina. Improve your fitness levels, see results and leave feeling stronger in 30.



We kick off with an evening for all participants where you’ll get a full overview on the challenge, and if you are new to 9Round an introduction into technique.

Across the course of the challenge, you’ll be encouraged to attend set training times, technique session and fitness test check-ins.

And at the end – we’ll have a Challenge Finale where you’ll see what progress you’ve made.

Goal setting

& tracking

Our trainers will work with you to set your goals and how you are going to achieve them – whether it’s building strength, weight loss or progressing your fitness level.

On the Challenge Launch night, you’ll get a Myzone body scan to collect body metric data, measurements and photos taken. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll do these again so you can see your progression.



You’ll receive a booklet with motivational tips, nutritional guidance and a diary to help keep you on track and record your progress.



If you’re not already a member, you’ll receive all the kit you need for our workout. This includes 9Round gloves, hand wraps and a Myzone heartrate monitor belt.

Chance to win A

Free Membership

Each Club will be rewarding the person who has made the most progress with a free membership (length may vary depending on Club, minimum one month).

Join The


Member Price


+ usual membership fee

Non-Member Price


+ 30 day membership and kit
(varies depending on club location)

Key Dates


Frequently Asked


No, 9Round doesn’t run fixed class times. Workouts start every three minutes, so simply turn up when works for you during your Club’s opening hours.

The only fixed sessions are the Challenge introduction, fitness tests and results evening on 22nd September and the end of October (check with your local club).

It’s up to you, but we would recommend attending at least three sessions a week to help you see results.

On the challenge introduction evening you’ll have a Myzone body scan, measurements and photos taken. At the end of the challenge, these will be taken again to see your progress.

Your workouts will also be tracked using Myzone MEPS (MyZone Effort Points) and its the metric by which everything is measured in the fitness tracking system. MEPs are earned by exercising in your target heart rate zones over a period of time. The more effort you put into each of your workouts, the more MEPs you earn – simple.

There will be two identical fitness tests, one at the start of the Challenge and one at the end, so you can see your own progress. Your MEPS will be counted on both tests as well as your results, , to see who the most improved is and will be entered into the overall competition, along with your progress photos to determine the overall winner.

Yes, members can chat to other members for tips, encouragement etc. using the Myzone Chat function but no personal details are shared with other members.  

Your membership is for the duration of the challenge only. If you would like to become a member after the challenge has ended, speak to your Club Manager and they can run you through the pricing.

Click on the ‘Join the Challenge’ button above and the full pricing can be seen for the 30 Day Challenge.

Your membership won’t start until the 27th September

Yes, absolutely! Come kick it with us from whenever you like – just simply purchase the standard membership package and speak to a member of staff about adding on the £30 challenge.

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